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Entrepreneurs are known for its master efficiency. Happily, technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to bring out its routine tasks, keep track of responsibilities and manage time in an orderly fashion. But with the thriving app economy of around $30 billion annually and 1.5 million apps across app stores, the question arises that, how many entrepreneurs are ultimately making money with their business?

According to the report by Localytics, one among every four mobile app gets rejected by user. After all, everyone wants apps which are handful and contain some new idea. But, it is truth that trying hard for application not ensures success always. So it would be a good idea to go with some other ways that could take the advantages of the mobile ecosystem and build successful businesses.

Here I am listing the top 10 essential productivity apps for entrepreneurs that surely help you to avoid the distractions. Many of these apps range in price from free to very reasonable.




By the entrepreneurs marketplace I think Smartsalary deserves a first place on the list of top 10 apps for entrepreneurs! It is an innovative app developed by MobilePundits. Wants a salary package account? Or wants to manage your salary packaging account when you are onsite? The app uses a simple scroll features and allows you to view details about your transaction, balance etc.  You may download it from app store, it is free!

Available on: iOS

Cost: Free



If productivity is your target than WinStreak is great. The app is all about completing the goals by winning three ‘wins’ per day. The app is easy to run and feasible. You can set or change your ‘wins’ towards your business accordingly.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Free                                                                                                                                                                                  



It is vital for entrepreneurs to take decisions for company’s future without neglecting everyday tasks. Letterspace is a great note-taking app that uses hashtags (#) to organize your thoughts in a friendly manner. You can easily move and edit paragraphs of notes using this app.

Available on: iOS

Cost: $ 4.99


Google Drive

I think you are aware of this amazing app. Google Drive is a file sharing/hosting app. You can save your important document here and can access from any electronic device. It is highly secure with cloud based functionality. You can easily share files with colleagues, employees, clients etc.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Free



It is easy for anyone to lose business cards. But it is not good for your business! CamCard, fetch all information from your business card picture and save it into your phone contacts and other email account. With its accuracy you can sync data across other devices too.

 Available on: iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Cost: Free and $3.26



 For those frequent occasions, long holidays, fortuity when you're too busy or not available in the office, you may use MobileDay to coordinate all of your in-person and conference call meetings. With this app, you can dial in automatically, email with participants and even get directions to your meeting place. 

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Free



Evernote is a very famous cloud-based app that can sync all your devices as per need. Through this you can create digital notebooks, slideshow presentations or plan your holiday. You can keep track and organize recipients for future reference.   

Available on: iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows

Cost: Free.



When you are too busy to answer the phone call, “Listen” respond to incoming calls. It’s 2.0 features also include auto SMS reply capabilities. You can easily customize your voice and SMS responses as per need.

Available on: Android

Cost: Free.



Time management for any business is very essential. With this app you can customize your phone to bypass tasks that are not so important. Workflow allows you to create any type of button for any type of activity.

Available on: iOS

Cost: $ 4.99


Square Register

This is one of the helpful app for entrepreneurs those who are in service industry. You can sync with any mobile devices for instant credit, the app is free but you have to pay some for every transaction.

Available on: Android

Cost: Free.


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