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According to the Forbes Magazine “81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important for their enterprises”.

All businesses are growing with leaps and bounds and hence competition is getting tougher day by day. Traditional ways of marketing are effective but almost every company doing the same. To get the lead in this race adaptation of new technologies is must for all businesses and Mobility is one of the hottest things these days.

Yes! Mobile Apps, But the question is, are every business need a mobile app?

Well just answer the following questions honestly and then you can decide whether you should go with mobile app or not!

1. Are you willing to reach your customers 24*7?

That’s pretty easy to answer, every business need to reach to their customers 24*7 to maintain a healthy relation with the customer.

2. Are you concerned about your customer experience while using your brand on mobiles?

This is a tricky question for some of the businesses and its possible few of them may answer is no. Well here I will suggest you to take a deep breath and think twice, you really don’t need mobile app for your business. You may associate to any business or product but custom mobile apps can help you to showcase your coupons and discounts to your regular user. An interactive fun mobile app combined with social elements can boost your sales and branding.

3. Are your audience mobile?

This is one of the easiest questions to answer; we all know the trend of Smartphone usage worldwide. Billions of the people using their Smartphone’s as a tool to connect personally as well as professionally. You belong to any business or product; mass of your audience uses Smartphone for their day to day work. To engage this large audience your business need a Mobility solution that can convert these people into your potential clients.

After getting answers of the above mentioned question I am sure you can at least consider this article worth reading. We have still much point to show you mobile app making is worth for businesses.


Benefits of Mobile app marketing over other traditional marketing tactics

Mobile app marketing V/s Website Marketing – On average a normal Smartphone user uses 15-20 mobile apps in his/her phone so it means your fight with these 20 apps to grab your customer’s attention. On the other hand there are millions of websites on the internet and making an identity with this level of competition is really a tough thing.

Mobile app marketing V/c Social media marketing – Social media is one of the most popular channels among all. Most of the businesses are still testing social media potential to grab attention to grow their business. Social media is a platform where usually people come to connect with their friends and family, to know what is happening in the outer world as well as what is happening in their lives. This means social media is a platform where people don’t come to make purchase.

On the other hand Mobile apps offers you a comprehensive approach where your business app can connect to the social channels so that your customers can use your app and still connected to the social channels.

Mobile app marketing V/s Email marketing – Email marketing is the oldest (Traditional) marketing approach, many businesses are still taking benefits from this process. The very basic question, is all sent emails will be opened by the recipient?, if opened are they going to click on the link given below.  According to the studies only 20% of the sent emails opened by the recipient and only 5% people click on the links given below.

On the other hand mobile apps uses push notification which is really a cool feature to notify a user. Push notification is an update sent to the customer’s mobile app to notify that something is new is going within the app; it may be any offer, discount or event related to your brand. For example facebook uses app for their mobile users, here we get push notifications like someone sent us a message, someone tagged us in a post etc. According to the studies 30-60% user open the push notification and about 40% user takes an action just after getting the push notification.

As the title of this article suggests, many industries taking benefits of mobile apps and growing their sales and revenue. Some of the common industries are gaming and social networking where n numbers of mobile apps are available. Many unusual industries are also taking part in this list which is mentioned below.

The most popular app category (Industry Wise)-

Smartphone’s are now part of our life and we can’t imagine life without it. On average every single user has some basic app collection in its mobile according to their interests. These basic apps are games, social networking, messaging and entertainment. Here in this image you can clearly see the most popular app categories according to the statistics (First quarter 2015) data. 


After reading this article and analyzing the statistics I am sure you have cleared all your doubts for making mobile apps for your business. Mobile apps are the new era of marketing where N numbers of marketing objectives are available. An interactive and engaging mobile app can boost your traditional business with a great pace. I am sure your business is listed on the above mentioned list and now its upto you to continue your traditional marketing approach or to go with modern era of marketing “Mobile app”.

For any inquiry about mobile app development please contact us, Mobilepundits will help you to make your dream app within your budget. 

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