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Hiring a developer is not less than winning a battle now. I think, every business knows the importance of mobile apps and the challenges that are spring up over the last several years. Having a mobile app for any business is a golden opportunity to tap into new revenue streams. Here is a guide, which is drawn from my experience, surely will help you to get started with your churns. Take from it what suits your business strategy best, especially one trying to build a relationship with your customers.

Here are some points a business should remember before hiring a custom mobile app developer:

Identify the need. First thing to keep in mind is about the purpose for which you want to hire a developer. Different business has their different needs for making a mobile app, like some needs for branding, some needs for customer engagement and some of all just focused on revenues generating. You could also build a landing page that broadly highlights skills for a developer.

Know the company.It is important to get ensure about the company from where you are going to hire a developer. Search a development company that has great design talent and a solid development team. While hiring a developer, go online to check on their credibility and the apps that they have created. If you really liked an app they created, they could be the right one for your product.

Business understanding.Would you like to hire a developer who doesn’t interested in knowing your business objectives, insights about industry, and customer’s you are working with? I think you never like, right? Therefore give some time in hiring until you find the developer who spends time in understanding business goal. Because making an app for female world would be very different than male world.    

Read between the lines. Well, finding the right developer for your company is all about reading between the lines. You can get the first hint from the developer’s website itself. Is it easily navigated? Looks clean? Does it look professional or like a free template? Remember, this is the candidate you are going to choose for developing YOUR mobile app. If he/she doesn’t have a good website/app himself, how does they mean for you?  

Pricing. Many first-time founders look for cheap rates developers to get their app developed. But it is not always beneficial, because in this competitive world every company wants the best resource to develop good technology in cheap rates. It’s a fact, the more you stay with the problem, the more money and time you lose. And of course, if you want to solve problems quickly you have to pay some extra. 

User experience/user interface design skills. As I suggest, try to hire a developer who has multiple skills. Don’t hire a developer completely based on their development skill sets. Bad user experience design (UX) can lead to many problems. Because design is the part which is visible to your customer, not the code. Therefore, try to create a user interface based on research of your target customers.  

Don’t take his word for it! It is OK, if you have gone through your prospective developer’s skills but let’s be realistic; this is the time to follow up on some of his past work as well. Take the follow up of your prospective developer’s previous clients to see if they enjoyed the product and services they received. Also find, the present responsibility of the developer for his previously created apps, developer background for any fend, like leaving his client without completing his work etc. Overall, just go with your gut feeling and experience, and choose one who is sustainable for the long term as well.

Quick turnaround. Always remember, you are hiring a developer to utilize his/her knowledge and experience on your subject, therefore trust him/her intuition to make the right decision for you. After all, you don’t know the deep about integrated development environment, programming language, front-end and back-end server code or whether to make use of native apps or HTML5. It doesn’t mean that you should leave him/she freely without your input, communicating about your needs is the important step, but if it comes to technical details, the developer should be the expert.

Check the priority. When it comes to dealing with many projects, definitely you expect a safe and stronger base of expertise for your end.  But the trade-off you will make with the developer having many projects is like he/she may not be able to guarantee any kind of one-on-one attention. This is mostly happen if the company or individual have their own product and doing outsourcing on the side. This means that you won’t be their top priority. Therefore, beware of the priority before he/she pushed you on back seat.

Go with coding standards. Every developer has its own style of writing code. But remember, shortcut is not always easy. Two developers, one with 10 lines of code and other with 3 lines of code accomplish the same result, which one you prefer? Prefer the code that look clean, consistent and follow the coding standards. Because it is challenging to understand and become familiar with another programmer’s code, but if the code is structured, clean, consistent, with basic guidelines and comments, there shouldn’t be any issue with any new developer to jump in.    

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