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If you are small business owner and planning to build mobile app for your business then one of the first consideration will likely come in your mind whether you want to build mobile application for user to download app or a mobile websites or perhaps both. Mobile websites and apps both are similar at first glance, but which one is best for you depends number of factor including targeted audience, budget, purpose, required features and many more.

Mobile website vs mobile apps

Before evaluating the benefits it is important to know the basics of mobile website and an app. Both are accessed by hand held devices such as Smartphone and tablets (Android, iPhone, Windows, blackberry etc).

If we talk about mobile websites then these are similar to other website because it consists with simple HTML pages which are linked together and easily accessed over internet connections. As like any other website mobile websites are also able to display text, images, data, video etc.

On the other hand mobile apps are actually applications that are downloaded and installed on your device. To download mobile apps user can visits specific portal such as Apple iTunes stores, Google play store, windows app store and download apps for given operating system. The app may pull data or content form internet or it may download content from internet and user can view it without the internet connection. Recently YouTube mobile app enable user to see to offline video which is one of the best examples for it.

What to choose ?

If we come for what to choose between native mobile apps or mobile website, the most appropriate choice depends on your end goals. According to me if you want to develop an interactive game then developing app is the best option. But if your goal is to providing content for your users then developing mobile website is the best option for you. In some cases you may decide to develop both mobile website and apps.

 Advantages of mobile website over mobile apps

  • Compatibility:

A mobile website can reach many users across different type of mobile devices; whereas native mobile apps required a separate version to develop each type of device.

  • Time and cost:

Mobile website is considerably more time and cost effective than development of native apps, especially if you need to have a presence on different platforms.

  • Broader reach:

Because a mobile website is accessible across variety of platforms and can be easily shared among users, as well as search engines, it has far greater reach capability than native mobile apps.

When does make an app sense?

There are a number of benefits of mobile web, apps are still very popular and there are number of specific scenarios where making an app will be the good option.

  • Regular usage:

If your target users are going to using your app in a personalized fashion on regular basis then developing app is the good option

  • For gaming purpose:

For interactive games developing apps is almost always your best choice.

  • For complex calculations:

If you need something that will take data and allow you to manipulate it with complex calculation app will help you to do that in an easy way.

  • Work in without connectivity:   

If you need to provide offline access to content or perform functions without having an internet connections then making an app is good option to you.


Choosing the right one between mobile website and mobile app, it is very real consideration for organizations when they are seeking to establish a mobile presence. According to me it depends on your goals if your goals are primary marketing driven then build mobile website is the logical option. On the other hand if your goal is to make interactive engagements with users then building mobile apps are the best option.


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