by Alis Nikol

“People who are afraid of failing shouldn’t get success.”

This is not just a proverb. In a certain sense, any innovation is all about pushing your limits and taking risks. So a probability of failure should be expected but it always comes having honor and success on the other hand. It would stand for bravery -- or at least check the psychological action of overcoming your fears.

Although by now, many business owners and marketers know that there is need of a responsive, optimized website and an app to cater to their growing mobile customer base, whether a mobile app would be worth or not for the effort and financial investment. But unworthy effort and investment won’t give good result always especially for those who just starting out because only development of an app never ensure success.

However, I’m not suggesting you to fail in your purpose or amassing multiple failures is a good idea. But if it happens, a failure shouldn’t be avoided and even sometimes unforgettable. But always remember, real developer or business person treat app failure as a milestone on the road to success. They always learn from their mistakes, and use the experience (own and others) to move to the next idea. But if you think something out of box; why not learn from the mistakes of others, without all suffering and pain?

Here are some useful tips on how to turn failure into an advantage:

Determine where the value lies. Ask for how a mobile app could help your customers. It’s completely depends up on the nature of your business. An ideal mobile app makerwill always enable you to make your customer’s life easier and more productive, anytime, anywhere with enhancing their experience with your products and services. If you think that you would enjoy your app personally, then the chances are that your customer will too.

Accept responsibility, don't just blame. It’s easy to blame partners, customers, investors, and the economy. But if you blame someone else, you'll never learn from mistakes. You should accept it, grow from it. Remember, you are nominated to be a successful business person, not a victim.

Set your limits and goals. Before start thinking again about your new product strategy like how to build, what if you have 100,000 monthly users, set your limit first by questioning yourself with, how much money and time you are willing to invest to build an app? Once you settle it, you can easily break that into several actionable points with goals and possible outcomes.

Keep the cream in freeze. In every unsuccessful deal, there are always some good people. Many business people have chosen, one among all as a new partner, and prove themselves effectively with making millions of dollars. Keep in mind, the good investors will make productive you again, and the good customers will gladly accept your next offering. So always satisfied them with your services. 

Get profit from your mistakes. Mistakes always teach precious lessons, so learn from them, rather than run from them. Making mistakes and becoming brighter is the job of a business person, while not making mistakes is the job of an employee.

Failure, combined with a strong sense of business ethics, can motivate and produce innovation. Always keep in mind that failure of an app is not usually a single mistake, but a collection of mistakes and circumstances that add up to check the patience and adaptability of founders. So when you experienced your first failure, just give up your ego, let it go, think higher and get back to work smarter on your next success.


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